Hayley Ellman and Jennifer McAuliffe headline (f)ART JOKES

Saturday, September 14th, Hayley Ellman and Jennifer McAuliffe headline (f)ART JOKES.

at 8:00pm the Bar at Third Coast opens

at 8:45pm you can take your seats

at 9:00pm you’ll be watching (f)ART JOKES

Our September show features:

Jennifer McAuliffe

Hayley Ellman

KC Shornima

Ross Hamilton (your host and mine)

Jennifer McAuliffe is a comedian and tv writer from Toronto, Canada who has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, across America, Canada, Ireland, the UK, and Bermuda.  She wrote for Just For Laughs festival in Montreal where she lied about how much school french she remembered on phone calls to her Dad, and also wrote for Canada’s News satire TV show This Hour Has 22 minutes. She recorded her album “Baby Face” in Nashville and really likes to work.  She is so excited to be out of the house and is looking for an American husband with health insurance. She’s pretty sturdy for someone so unstable.

Hayley Ellman is an improviser, sketch and stand-up comedian out of Atlanta, GA. She was inspired to start writing and performing stand-up, her first love, after watching the likes of Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, and Louis CK other talented perverts; she still hasn’t figured out how to tell people who her biggest influences are anymore. The Atlanta Journal Constitution referred to her comedy as “cerebral and sardonic.” She charms audiences with her balance of sincere, satirical, and silly.